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Swamp Water Smoothie for Hangovers
This 'cure' might terrify you when you see it, because it’s a big cup of emerald-green smoothie that looks like an alligator hacked up a loogie. You have to navigate a brightly-lit health food store to get to the restaurant at the back, but wear your shades and get you a glass of goodness. Your dehydrated and aching brain will thank you for the effort.

Starbuck's Gamble
If Starbucks' juice foray goes as planned, it may join the likes of Disney(DIS), PepsiCo(PEP) and Google(GOOG) in benefitting from an opportunistic diversification, just as few are watching. It also would be another big move for Starbucks' aged-Sumatra loving Chief Executive Howard Schultz, who was named the business person of the year by Fortune Magazine in December.

Walgreen's: Sushi and Smoothies?
Walgreens is trying a new approach at an old location: State and Randolph. The Deerfield-based drugstore giant is reopening Tuesday with a new format that shows just how high-end it can go, with a $450 imported wine and a $192 skin-care cream sitting amid a gleaming, well-lit smorgasbord of sushi, serve-yourself yogurt and an iPad-equipped health guide at the pharmacy clinic.

Are you Drinking Plastic?
Their material is really the whey protein, the same stuff you might mix into a post-workout smoothie. When heated in a process called "denaturing," the protein molecules change shape. When sprayed onto a surface, such as plastic wrap, they form a thin, flexible layer that helps protect food from oxygen and moisture, the researchers say.



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