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Jamba-Branded Novelty Bars Acknowledged by Parents Magazine
Jamba Juice Company (NASDAQ:JMBA), a highly recognized healthy, active lifestyle brand, received the nod of approval from Parents Magazine in its February issue, which counted the Jamba-branded Yogurt and Sorbet Bars among their Parents 25 Best Snacks for 2011. Products that made the list were identified by four nutrition experts and then taste-tested by 200 kids while parents voted for products that were the most convenient and easy to eat on-the-go.

Jamba Juice Pairs Up with SYGMA
Jamba Juice and SYGMA, a national foodservice distribution company owned by Sysco Corporation, announced their plans to form a supply chain distribution alliance.
The proposed alliance will enable Jamba to consolidate distribution channels and achieve greater efficiencies in their supply chain as well as position Jamba for faster expansion of services into existing and new geographic locations.

Beverage producers team up to plant trees
Marketers are seeing the forest for the trees -- and finding a willing partner in a most unusual place: the woods.
To help them connect with consumers at the local level and at the same time align with environmental causes, brands such as Coca-Cola, North Face and Odwalla are hooking up with cash-strapped state parks, sponsoring playgrounds, reforestation efforts and maps.

Companies Warn That Higher Prices Are Looming

Price inflation is due to one salient fact: the Federal Reserve System...
they print money from nothing and expect to still have value: too much of a commodities equals (money is a commodity) less value; if their are too many dollars, each one is worth less. Add to this land speculation due to the moral hazard caused by low interest rates that insiders are privy to, you get higher food prices - editor

Cotton prices are near their highest level in more than a decade, after adjusting for inflation, and leather and polyester costs are jumping as well. Copper recently hit its highest level in about 40 years, and iron ore, used for steel, is fetching extremely high prices. Prices for corn, sugar, wheat, beef, pork and coffee are soaring. Labor overseas is becoming more expensive, meanwhile, and so are the utility bills to keep a factory running.


Sierra Club Will Oppose Obama’s NAFTA-Style Free Trade Agreement
Like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Dominican Republic-Central America-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), the investment chapter of this agreement continues to promote off-shoring, and exposes our domestic environmental, zoning, health and other public interest policies to challenge by foreign investors in foreign tribunals. In addition, the procurement rules of this agreement jeopardize our democratically-determined federal and state procurement policies. This means that policies designed to promote clean energy use and reward environmentally-sustainable companies would be vulnerable to challenge in international trade tribunals, even if those policies were developed at the state and local levels.


Q: What effects your bottom line?
A: Congress.

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