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Independent Juice Bar in Coronado
These days, we're bombarded by countless buzzwords for healthy living—words like organic, all natural and green. With food and beverage purveyors everywhere hopping on the aforementioned bandwagon, the lines are sometimes blurred as to who is actually footing the consumer bill of health.
At a time when clarity is hard to come by, Fuel Juice Bar is bringing defined, quality health food to Coronado. And it’s employing environmentally conscious, family-business practices to boot.

Credit Woes Still Thwart Franchise Growth
For prospective and existing franchisees, a dearth of credit will remain a major hurdle this year to opening up new units or transferring ownership of existing ones, a new study shows.
Banks are expected to lend $8.4 billion to franchises this year, an amount that is projected to fall $2 billion short of demand, concludes a study prepared by Arlington-Va., research firm Frandata on behalf of the International Franchise Association, a trade group in Washington. The reason, it speculates, is that banks are still reeling from the housing crisis, which continues to persist.

Jamba Offers New Smoothies
The new line of Fruit & Veggie smoothies includes Berry UpBeet, Apple ‘n Greens, and Orange Carrot Karma flavors. Each of the new smoothies features less than 250 calories in a 16-ounce serving, as well as one full serving of vegetables and two full servings of fruit. Although vegetable flavors may not be as natural to the smoothie world as fruit flavors, Shields said the Fruit & Veggie line went through the same R&D process as all of the chain’s other flavors.


Jamba Goes to Washington: Supports US-Korea Free-Trade Agreement
James D. White, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Jamba, Inc (NASDAQ: JMBA) led a delegation of company executives to the nation’s capitol last week visiting several senior Obama Administration officials. The meetings were organized to promote the Company’s long-standing commitment to promoting healthy, active lifestyles, small business entrepreneurship, and to building healthier communities and schools across America. White also joined a chorus of American companies pledging their support for the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement...

US-Korea Free-Trade Agreement Bolsters Foreign Tribunals: Skirts U.S. Constitution
Free trade theorists such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo must be rolling in their graves to see pacts like President Obama’s Korea Agreement called “free trade.” Like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the pact, written by unelected trade bureaucrats, spans 1,000 pages...

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