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Smoothie King Offers New Smoothie
The Organic Apple Acai Smoothie is a delicious blend of organic apple juice, acai and herbal nutrients. Combining the super food powers of the acai berry with the clean, tart flavors of fresh organic apple juice, the Organic Apple Acai Smoothie makes for the perfect snack or meal replacement at under 360 calories. Native to Central and South America, the acai berry is rich in antioxidants and amino acids and can help boost energy and promote weight loss.

Just how healthy are Tim Hortons smoothies?
In fact, the “real” fruit comes from purees and juices, confirms a Tim Hortons spokeswoman. That doesn’t have the same health benefits of the fresh stuff, says Springle, because those purees and juices don’t come with the fibre and protein that help slow down the pace at which we assimilate the sugar that fruit naturally contains. Hortons’ Real Fruit Smoothies have 30 grams of sugar. That’s more than the sugar content of any Tim Hortons doughnut.

Jamba Juice expands to Connecticut
David Katz, principal of Five Star Equity Partners, LLC, celebrated the opening of his first Jamba Juice store in Orange, Connecticut, helping launch Jamba into the Company's twenty-fourth state and newest franchise outlet.

Specialty Beverages Juice Up Summer Income
So it's no surprise that every fast-food joint under the sun is trying to get in on the beverage biz. Specialty drinks are a high-margin business and are an easy way to experiment with creative new flavors to reach new customers.
The summer heat is a perfect occasion for testing these thirst quenchers, and a laundry list of quick-service restaurants are rolling out drinks that include a Double Stuff Oreo shake, frozen strawberry lemonade and new zero-calorie sodas


Commondity Prices Continue to Sprial Out of Control

Price of coffee heats up
There are many reasons for the price hike for coffee: Wet weather damaged crops in Columbia and Indonesia; booming economies mean millions of Indians, Chinese and Brazilians now enjoy the coffee habit; and millions of investors are trying to profit off the rising market

Why do coffee beans and gas cost so much?

The U.S. Treasury has dumped trillions of dollars into the economy since TARP and the Stimulus. This caused inflation. If there is too much of ANY commodity, the price goes down. The government is debasing our currency to pay for their sins: guns and butter. Now we are in a 'price inflation' spiral. Who is at fault? The Federal Reserve, the private central bank that enables the government to live beyond its means.. Solution: End the Fed and allow the govenment to print its own currency thereby avoiding interest payments all together and/or allow other competing currencies into the marketplace. A monopoly is not a good thing - Editor.


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