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Frozen beverages appeal to younger audiance
In a recent online survey, Y-Pulse asked middle and junior high school students to share what types of foods and drinks would be available in a “dream kitchen” at their school. “Interestingly enough, right behind pizza as a dream food, certain types of beverages came up frequently in our survey. Soda, milk and water are still staples of young people’s diets, but if they had a choice, they’d like the opportunity to fill their cup or grab a bottle of other types of beverages,” said Tami Cline, a longtime foodservice industry consultant and co-founder of Y-Pulse.

Jamba Juice launches new smoothie line
Fans seeking healthy beverage options, can find a variety of choices at Jamba Juice that offer many additional benefits aside from having 250 calories or less, including; Fruit Refresher beverages made with coconut water containing electrolytes for refreshing replenishment, Fruit & Veggie Smoothies with 3 full servings of vegetables and fruit. Meanwhile, Jamba is expanding to Canada.

Gluten Free Smoothies
Inspired by her inability to find many local restaurants serving gluten-free food, Bromley decided to take matters into her own hands and open Liquid Energy Juice Bar and Cafe on Main Street in Buffalo.
A year later and she’s opening her second location in the Remington Rand Building on Sweeney Street in North Tonawanda.

O2Living wins award
O2Living was awarded a ‘Best of Westchester’ in the ‘Best Organic Smoothie’ category. Comprising fresh-pressed fruits and vegetables, which are organic and grown locally whenever possible, O2Living’s smoothies are part of an integrated wellness lifestyle that teaches people to nourish their body, mind and spirit.

Robeks in Asia
Robeks opened its first Asian store today (Friday, August 12, 2011 7:30 a.m. Tokyo time) in the fashionable Jiyugaoka section of Tokyo. The modern two-story, 2,000 square foot store features a cafe-style interior with seating for 70 guests and Wi-Fi, making it a destination where customers can linger and socialize. Company officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony where customers received a free environmentally-friendly shopping bag.

Simon Cowell enjoys his smoothies
Around dawn, Simon wakes up to text his assistant Abi with what time his breakfast should be delivered. Then he hits the snooze button on his alarm clock twice. The last press signaling Abi to bring in the processional of food. First, hot water with lemon. Then papaya juice with lime. Then oatmeal. Then tea. And, finally, three different smoothies: a spinach smoothie, an antioxidant smoothie and a super smoothie with seven fruits.



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