Jamba Juice: Protein boost for your stock portfolio
Jamba, Inc. recently released its annual earnings for 2011, and it looks like this beverage company is starting to find their mojo. Jamba Juice faced the same nemesis that the majority of retail businesses faced during the recession. Their Dr. Evil was consumers that cut back on spending as buying fruit smoothies quickly shot down the 'I need this' list, and Jamba's stock reflected that low demand. As the economy continues to improve, Jamba's mojo is in the right place to turn profits and the company's stock can still be bought at a real bargain price.

Canada on second iteration of smoothie craze as cDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Starbucks race for the fruit smoothie
McDonald’s entry into the smoothie market this week comes as the fast-food giant continues to reinvigorate its image after stumbling badly with poorly received menu offerings such as pizza and deli sandwiches.
John Betts, president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada, said the company no longer follows that “rush-to-market” mentality, relying instead on market research and focus group feedback for direction.

Starbucks opens new blend of juice bars
With Starbucks yet to detail how many juice bars it plans to open, the popularity of its first shop, located in an upscale shopping area in Bellevue, Washington, will be closely watched. "Mixologists" at the juice bar dispense a variety of juices - including apple, coconut water, carrot and beetroot - from taps to create handcrafted concoctions with names like "sweet burn" and "field of greens".

Steviol glycosides are not ‘all-natural’, says new class action lawsuit
A class action lawsuit recently filed in California argues that steviol glycosides should not be considered natural, owing to the "chemical processing" sometimes used to extract them from the stevia leaf.

FDA on NFC and other labeling
Squeezing the fruit is the most basic means of making fruit juice. In industry this is called not from concentrate juice (NFC). In labeling terms, it is often described as 100% juice. If other ingredients, such as preservatives, are added, this declaration must be accompanied by the name of this ingredient in the phrase “with added ...

Treasure Island Job Corps and Jamba Juice
“Our partnership with Treasure Island Job Corps Culinary Arts program is unprecedented in the restaurant industry,” stated James D. White, Chairman, President and CEO, Jamba Juice Company. “Jamba Jobs+ will set Job Corps students on a path to gain valuable skills and work experience, making them competitive and well-prepared in their chosen careers.



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