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MTO: Made to Order

Bringing the Juice
Juice isn’t just for kids, and it’s not just a breakfast option. As busy Americans seek quick, better-for-you options at all day- parts, juice has become a more critical part of their regular diet. Juice’s healthy halo might encourage restaurants to move beyond serving just old favorites like orange and apple juice. There is a wide range of fruit and vegetable juice options, as well as flavored waters and low-calorie juice drinks, that can expand a quick serve’s beverage menu.

Tropical Smoothie Has Food on the Brain
It’s one thing to revitalize a menu, upgrade unit décor, or take on a new marketing platform. But changing consumers’ perception of a brand entirely is a completely different story, and it’s one Tropical Smoothie Café is trying to tell. The 335-plus-unit chain used to be known as a real fruit smoothie–only destination. However, after its acquisition by private investment firm BIP Opportunities Fund in 2012, Tropical Smoothie is now trying to put food on its customers’ minds.

Jamba looks to fresh juice to boost sales
After narrowing losses in the fourth quarter, Jamba Inc. said on Wednesday that it is moving forward with a unit refresh plan that includes an expanded fresh juice bar at the Jamba Juice smoothie chain.
Hoping to capture the growing number of consumers that habitually use juice as a meal replacement or as a dietary cleanse, Jamba Juice has tested the expanded fresh-squeezed juice offerings in three test stores, adding new ingredients like kale, ginger, beets and apples.

Smoothie King Marks Positive Sales Growth
“Smoothie King’s 20 consecutive months of positive same-store sales increases is a true testament to the strength of our brand, which is not only driven by consumers’ increasing desire to live a healthier lifestyle, but also by our franchisees, who are dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience,” says Smoothie King global CEO Wan Kim.

Red Mango Puts the Skinny in Dessert with Skinny Sorbettos
Red Mango debuts “Skinny Sorbettos,” its new line of probiotic-infused, softly-frozen dairy free desserts. Inspired by the artisanal sorbets made famous in Italy, Skinny Sorbettos will be introduced in two flavors: low calorie, no sugar added Raspberry and low fat, sugar-free Dark Chocolate.

RTD: Ready to Drink

Sambaon Offers New Smoothie Line
Sambazon has unveiled two new varieties to its line of organic superfood smoothies and a new line of cleanse products: Energy Mocha Java and Blended Breakfast smoothies. The company will hold off on an official launch for Purifying Cleanse, a line of three organic superfood beverages, which is being test marketed exclusively at Costco stores in California and Texas.

Acquisition Of Innocent Good For Non-Carbonated Beverage And Food Shift
A little covered acquisition by Coca-Cola (KO) has stayed out of the news for the most part. The company boosted its ownership stake in Innocent, a maker of juices and smoothies based in the United Kingdom. I think the acquisition will pay off huge for the company as it brings the huge fan favorite brand to the United States and also increases the food offerings for Coca-Cola.

Dole Offers New Smoothie Line
"We are excited to introduce new Dole Peach Mango Fruit Smoothie Shakers, as we have infused two of our signature fruits into one easy and convenient smoothie," said Vanessa Beltran, senior business manager at Dole Packaged Foods. "The new variety can be prepared in less than one minute and will allow you to experience a yummy, on-the-go snack at 190 calories or less. It's time to shake your way skinny!"

Barfresh partners with RestaurantLink to expand smoothie sales
Barfresh Food Group, a manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-blend beverages, has signed a marketing agreement with RestaurantLink to market Barfresh Smoothie products to RestaurantLink's thousands of foodservice clients. "RestaurantLink was established in 1995, and is well-respected in the industry. They specialize in working with regional chains and independent accounts and can quickly help broaden distribution of products such as ours," said Riccardo Delle Coste, CEO of Barfresh.

Other News

Customers Seek Gluten-Free
As of this January, about a third of U.S. adults say they want to cut down or be free of gluten in their diets, the highest percentage making this claim since The NPD Group, a leading global information company, began asking the question in 2009.

Judge Cans Soda Ban
At a late afternoon news conference, Mr. Bloomberg and the city's top lawyer, Michael Cardozo, said they believed the judge erred in his ruling and vowed to appeal. The decision was both lauded and criticized by city officials and others. It would be irresponsible not to try to do everything we can to save lives," said Mr. Bloomberg, who earlier in the day called for jurisdictions across the nation to follow suit.

Future Earth, Sustainable Development: U.N. controls for world food supply
Future Earth also collaborates with the Alliance for Global Sustainability, (AGS) which partners with various universities to provide research institutions a progressive path toward sustainability. “State of the Planet Declaration” explains how resource demand are changing our “global civilization”. In order to maintain our planet for future generations, we must accept the consensus of a “new epoch, the Anthropocene, which is a proposed term for the present geological epoch (from the time of the Industrial Revolution onwards), during which humanity and ariculture are having a significant impact on the environment.

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